SpaceCrateTM is a professional spec, studio grade creative space, constructed within a standard 20 foot (6 metre) ISO Shipping container. Simple and inexpensive to transport anywhere in the world.

Built by some of the world’s pre-eminent studio designers and acousticians, SpaceCrate’s extensive soundproofing (attenuation of approx 90dBA), custom-design, and SpaceCrate’s proprietary IP acoustic apparatus, render it compliant with EBU Tech 3276, a critical listening environment, with Audio, Video & Data connectivity.

SpaceCrate has been approved and used by Warner Bros for recording/editorial and has been used on active feature film sets in the United Kingdom.

SpaceCrate removes layers of cost and complexity from film and TV production and post.  It is available to own or rent, with or without equipment and operational talent.

Work with your cast “in character” on the day, on set, on location, in the right place and the right time.

SpaceCrate’s soundproof environment has many applications, including –

Music Recording

Studio Expansion

Temp. Studio


Sound Editing


TV Series

“SpaceCrate was a huge hit with all of the cast as well as the director who appreciated its slick design, ease of location and the overall flexibility it offered.  This job would have been impossible to pull off without SpaceCrate”

       – Rob Edwards, ADR Mixer


Now represented in Southern Africa by Post Production South Africa